Our Process

1. Research & Plan

We research and study the industry, the competition, your goals, existing content, both printed and online; and the target audiences and their needs. Further, we asses your existing website, if any. This research guides the direction we will take and the content that needs to be developed for that purpose.

The discovery and planning phase is essential and forms the foundation of our design process.

2. Look & Feel

This visualization phase begins with pencil layouts and ends with paint. The mock-ups must be organized, easy to understand and attractive.

3. Build & Test

The visual design is converted to standards compliant code. Sometimes we sprinkle a bit of Javascript for effects and add a Content Management System (CMS) behind to make publishing and updating a little more organized and easy.

Before you launch, we test it, and test it thoroughly to see that all functions well and in the popular browsers, just as expected. We also invite you to take the site for a spin and to see if there are any wrinkles to be ironed.

4. Launch & Maintain

The site goes live and you tell the world!

If we maintain, we keep the site fresh and up-to-date, both the content and the CMS – shining inside and out.