Kalimati Digital is a boutique web agency, catering to the unique needs of entrepreneurs and visionaries, with a quest for carving their niche in the cyber world of today. Born in 1991, the firm is focused on all facets of web-design, from content strategy to aesthetics, user experience, the backend technology and search engine optimisation.

What we bring to the table is our commitment, our expertise, your best interests. To us, you are not just a number… but a name. A name that we will nurture, from inception of your site, to when its a byword and beyond! Bringing you the best of both worlds is what we do at Kalimati Digital… combining communication, graphic design and web technology with our personal brand of flexibility and intellectual integrity.

Located in the progressive steel city of Jamshedpur, home to not just professionals and designers, but to iconic firms like Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Timken, Cummins and Lafarge, the city that I call home also wears as its true feather-in-the-cap, XLRI, one of the leading management training institutes in India.

With internet access at your fingertips, you can liaise, discuss, collaborate, connect, share… your thoughts, needs, aspirations, information. Which we shall be proud to package, personalise and present… at prices that are competitive, viable and attractive.

All you need to do? Is to ask.

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