Vedanta Center for Inner Resource Management


The Vedanta Center for Inner Resource Management is the Consulting arm of Anjaneya Foundation.


The growing divide between the rich and the poor, ever increasing greed, which eyes selfishly in devouring environmental resources, jaded view and approach towards business, economy and society that one is witnessing in present times, not just impacts the current generation profoundly but threatens the very future of generations to come. A general absence of true leadership only adds to the woes and retards stemming the tide.

Amidst all this, there is growing evidence in management literature, largely originating from the West pointing toward increasing need of spirituality among individuals, business organizations, and corporate leaders. This engagement is sought as a remedial measure to improve the quality of life, and performance of organizations in an unstable, problem-ridden world.

India has had a long, unbroken tradition of spirituality as a life process. This Vedanta Center for Inner Resource Management dips in the rich repository of knowledge and wisdom contained in the Vedantic philosophy. It draws on the repository of knowledge stored in Vedic scriptures, as revealed to the rishis and sages and explores, if it can assist in the realization of the “spirit” that is being sought - an environmentally sustainable economy and a just and fair relations within organizations and in the society at large.

The Center makes effort to explore and examine avenues where it can creatively facilitate a gentle collision between powerful traditions of the past with the rational, scientific temper which underpins modern ways of handling business and issues in economy. Its consulting efforts are aimed at showing the porosity of the boundaries that exist, and allow the energies of the two traditions or approaches so to say speak to each other.

The Vedanta Center for Inner Resource Management provides consulting support and solutions to business organization in the following domains:

  1. Optimizing HR capabilities

  2. Employee Motivation

  3. Team Building

  4. Leadership development

  5. Employee wellness

  6. Business strategy

  7. Business Ethics

  8. Corporate Social Responsibility

  9. Organizational Development

  10. Sustainable growth

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